It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month
But really, you need to prioritize your well-being every month, not just in October
It’s no secret—Covid-19 has been hard on everyone. But for women, who’ve frequently found themselves wearing even more hats, the pandemic has been especially tough. As a result, many have put their own healthcare on the backburner, and that’s no good.

So let us take this opportunity to remind you: Health is wealth. You can’t effectively take care of others, if you’re not also looking after Number One (aka you). And while this is important in regard to breast cancer (according to the American Cancer Society, it’s the most common cancer in women, after skin cancer), it’s just as critical when it comes to other, less dire-seeming dates, like getting your teeth cleaned or your vision checked.

At Bluemercury, we believe that beauty is about being the best version of yourself—on the outside, of course, but more importantly—on the inside. It’s your physical health, as well as your mental well-being. And taking care of both parts equally.

What Bluemercury is Doing

We’ve said it before: Beauty is for everyone. Ditto health. In an effort to walk the talk, we’re partnering with Breast Care for Washington, a local nonprofit organization (we’re from DC) providing mammograms, breast biopsies and education to underserved women in metro Washington. “If you look around the country, it’s typically women over the age of 60 who are diagnosed with breast cancer,” says breast surgeon Regina Hampton, MD, co-founder of Breast Care for Washington (at left). “However, it’s more common for African American women to be diagnosed under 50.” And since early detection is key to beating the disease, accessible mammograms are a crucial first step. 

We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about Breast Care for Washington and its work for women here.

Other ways to help
These beauty brands are also assisting in the fight against breast cancer

Jane Iredale HydroPure Hyaluronic Lip Gloss in Pink Glacé

Now through October 31, 2021, Jane Iredale will donate $7 from the purchase price of this limited-edition lipgloss (up to $75,000) to Look Good Feel Better, an organization that helps people with cancer navigate the appearance-related side effects of treatment. For more information about Look Good Feel Better, please visit its website.

Lune+Aster SuperStar Blush

Lune+Aster, the DC-based makeup brand is making a $1,000 donation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Breast Care for Washington, an organization bringing accessible breast care to women in metro Washington. For more information about Breast Care for Washington, please visit its website.

SiO ChestLift Breast Cancer Awareness Patch

Now through November 1, 2021, SiO will donate $7 from the purchase price of this pink patch (a minimum of $5,000) to Susan G. Komen, the world’s largest nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer. For more information about Susan G. Komen, please visit its website.

Odacité Soul Soothing Relaxing Bath Soak

Now through October 31, 2021, Odacité will donate $2 from each sale of this bath soak (up to $15,000) to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an organization that aims to connect those impacted by breast cancer with reliable information and a community of support. For more information about Living Beyond Breast Cancer, please visit its website.