We believe beauty is for everyone. We’re also of the mind that labels are for soup cans, not skin serums, and that self-care isn’t gender-specific, but is color-blind. While we revel in our common ground, we simultaneously embrace the things that make us different. And we invite you to join us in celebrating the uniqueness in all individuals.

“I find my confidence in remembering that I am the prize, in knowing my value.”
-Emani Tangina + Emani Singer-Songwriter + Producer
Creative Entrepreneur

Start building your own perfect bag with these universal, no-fail favorites

“I probably buy more lip tints and lip balms and lip products than anything else—typically in stick form; all of them pinks or reds.” Jessie Mother + Designer

"Mascara has that ‘wow’ factor that I appreciate.” Casandra Textile Artist

Bluemercury Staff Bluemercury Staff
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